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Hello Lovely Sew Weekly sewing circle people! I need your help.

I'm making a dress after a vintage sewing pattern that you can see here. (I'm making a short version of view 3) I've added lining even though there's no mention of it on the pattern. This isn't really important but I feel I should introduce my problem properly :)

Everything was going well until I finished the dress and tried it on: the armholes are too tight! It isn't too bad but I know it is going to be uncomfortable to wear and there are 2 little creases forming by the armpits that aren't very pretty. (I think I generally tend to make my seam allowances too narrow)


Here's a picture of the bodice (before I realised my mistake) so you can get an idea of its shape:

So here's where I need your help: is there a nice way I could widen the armholes without having to undo everything? I don't want it to look bulky, or odd... The reason I'm reluctant to undo everything is that I've used a serger for the first time. I got carried away with it and used it everywhere (well, the dupion and lining do fray so it helped!) There are a LOT of stitches to cut through! But apart from that, it is just the bodice and lining: I didn't use the facings.

I mainly wanted the lining for the skirt but I'm not sure it's really needed for the bodice: should I just get rid of the bodice lining and use facings instead?


I feel like a right idiot for not noticing before I finished the dress. I haven't been sewing for long and am self-taught so I was wondering if there was a technique I don't know of or if any of you would have tips to remedy this? You've always been so helpful on here!

Many thanks!

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Thanks Jen, I'm finally starting to understand a bit better when the serger is needed or not the more I practise. I started by making cotton baby dresses, which is nice and easy, and more or less jumped straight into a grown-up vintage project with fraying dupion! It was a challenge, and I'm glad I made the dress as I learnt a lot, but I think I need to take smaller steps now. For starters I need to learn how to sew a clean hem!


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