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I'm having a sew-along on my blog for the Butterick 4790 walkaway dress!  It was originally printed in 1952, but the updated version leaves a little to be desired.  So after learning how to adjust the pattern, I am sewing another version of this lovely 1950s dress with anyone who wants to join us! 


You can read more about the sewing party here

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Too cool!! ^^ I'm lurking at this pattern for weeks!!! It's really hard to find over here and I'm considering ordering online from the US... Damn. This dress looks really cute! And I'm so impatient to see your 50's crinoline! ^^

Hi Lisette!


Well, we don't actually start to fit the pattern till next week, and we probably won't cut out the fabric until the end of August, so you may be able to catch up with us!  (But I know what you mean about not having enough time - my motto for years has been "Too many projects and not enough time." )  : ) 


This dress goes so fast though, and once you make one you just can't stop there. 


Happy sewing!




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