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Hi everyone, this is my first time here. I'm having trouble posting my entry to the main Sew Weekly site. Can only certain contributors do that? Am I missing a special tag from my post? Or do I just need to wait for it to be transferred over to the main site? Thanks so much!

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This confused me at first, too.  There are two main areas: the front pages where the Contributers post, and the Sewing Circle area, and there seem to be three ways to "join":  One as a Sewing Circle member, the second as a Sew Weekly Challenger, and the third as a Sew Weekly Contributer. [There seem to always be people signing up, but the numbers for both Challengers and Contributers rise more slowly.]  The contributers are via invitation and one [hopefully?  eventually?  gleefully?] receives notice and instructions in your private  inbox on how to post.  As far as I can tell, only roughly 1/2 of the Challengers are also S.W. Contributers.   I am a "challenger", not a "contributer".  I hope this helps.

Groups tab:

Thank you for this response! I've been confused as well. How can you tell if you are a contributor or a challenger? The group(s) you belong to?

Go to your profile page (by clicking on your name in the upper right corner) and under your profile pic is a list of links, one of which is "Groups". Yours shows that you do not belong to any groups yet.

You can become a "Challenger" by going to that group page and there should be a link somewhere near the name of the group (or maybe above the list of members?) that says something like, "Join Group" or "Add to Group".  Click it and you should be added very quickly, if not right away.

"Contributors 2012" is a closed group for those of us contributing to the main page. Mena sent out invitations back in January to be a "Contributor" like the Fab 5 "Editorial Team" last year. You had to go through a whole enrolment thing with WordPress. I'm not sure if new contributors are still being invited and added. 

Hope that helps!

Thanks! I just want to be a challenger. Just to clarify, as a Challenger, will my challenge posts only be seen on the sewing circle, or will they be seen on the main Sew Weekly page as well? It would be so helpful if there was a "how-to" or "introduction" page!

Just in the Sewing Circle area.

If you want to be be a contributor you should write a messege to Mena though I'm not sure that they are still accepting new contributors, there was a deadline at the end of 2011 to join for this year. Contributors have to send there entrys to Mena before the week they are posted and she decides when they are published. What probably caused your confussion is that some of the contributors upload them here as well as they did last year when there where only five contributors to the main site and most of the pictures where uploaded here in the sewing circle. If you join the Challengers group it only means that you plan to do the challenges (but you can upload photos of everything you sew here challenge relalted or not)

Ok, now I have a new question! If I have the "Sew Weekly Contributors 2012" group listed as a group I am a member of - how do I find out how to actually contribute?

if Mena sent you an email back in January, the info is all in there. If not, you'll have to ask her if you can join.


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