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A weird question perhaps - I am wanting to make a 1940s dress for the challenge - I really like the one on the left:



But will it make my already curvy frame look worse or will it hide my hips?  Has anyone made one of these dresses and how did you feel about the look?



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The question is do you like your curves? I don't think the pemplums will hide your hips they seem to sit on the waist and only reach to the hip, but that doesn't mean that they will look unflatternig. Maybe just give it a try, use a basting stich for the peplums and if you dont like the look leave them away. Or you could just pin the pattern for the peplum to a dress you have and take a look at you in the mirror to get a general idea of the siluette it will create. If you choose to sew it keep in mind that it will add more or less volume depending on the stiffness of the fabric you use. Happy sewing!

I like my curves more than I used to.  Let's just say I am getting used to them!  I think I will give it go as a wearable muslin and see if I like it.  Thanks for the advice.

I think Burda have a pattern for a detachable peplum in this months magazine.

A detachable peplum would be cool.  I'm quite hippy (not the 60's/70's meaning)  I haven't worn peplum garments lately, but when I did I found them quite flattering.  I think I made the peplum quite small so it stuck out from my hips and therefore made what was below seem slimmer.  I'll try and do a piccy of what I mean and post it.


They had one in the march issue, its on the website in german but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory


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