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Hi everyone.  I'm looking for a picture of one of those 1940's dresses that were advertised as a 'make it in the morning, wear this afternoon dress'.  I think it was open in the bac then you wrapped everyting around to make a neat looking dress.  I saw a picture ages ago on the web that demonstrated how to put one on.  I just need a picture of something like that so I can try and copy the idea.  Maybe it was a 30's dress, in which case I'll have to wait til a 30's challenge.




Sarah Day

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Is this similar to what you were looking for?  If it is I'll post images of the back of the pattern.  

Not sure - could be? - thanks.

Hi Sarah

This is "The Walkaway Dress" from Butterick, recently reprinted. I think it's actually from the early 1950s rather than the Forties, but it's the concept you mentioned - it wraps. Look at the line drawing on the bottom right!

I love this and I did buy the reprinted pattern, but I quickly realised that it is unlikely to work without era-appropriate undergarments, therefore I have set the pattern aside for the time being.

I have been looking at vintage patterns on eBay UK this week and saw a few similar to the one Leimomi posted, but they were wrong size for me.

Hope this helps :)

Yep that's the one - thanks.  if I can find the link to how to wear it, I will post.

Thanks for this one, it's even lovelier than the Fifties! I am on a Sixties kick with my patterns at the moment.

I just noticed how the sizes changed between the 2 pattern issues.  50's has bust 32" , size 14.  60's has bust 34" , size 12.

After  looking at a discussion on Gertie's blog, I don't think I'll be making one for me.  Might make a scaled down version to see how it works or I guess I could try and make one for my older grand-daughter.

That is a good idea, I believe the full-scale Fifties one calls for five yards of fabric, which for me means budget issue, and it  must weigh a ton.

Wow, 5 yds of fabric is a lot for an experiment!  I use Wild Ginger software for my patterns and you can print things out at 1/2 scale or 1/10 scale.  The 1/10th scale would fit a dolly at work!!


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